I wrote Diary of a Mad Caregiver as a devotional to encourage others in their journey as a caregiver. As I shared my own ‘madness’ in an honest and straight-forward manner, I said things that caregivers are afraid to say ― but what most are thinking.

Because caregiving can bring out the best and the worse in us, it is common for a caregiver to experience anger, depression, exhaustion, anxiousness, guilt, helplessness, and health issues. These are the emotions I felt. I didn’t understand what was happening to me until I read an article in the Mature Living Magazine. I learned that the emotions I was experiencing were symptoms of caregiver burnout. These emotions are normal, the article stated.

My book helps caregivers work through their emotions by my being honest with God and myself in my written prayers. I lead the way for other caregivers to be honest with God and themselves as they write their own prayers, thoughts and frustrations in the space provided at the end of each devotional. It is healing to write one’s emotions down-to get them out. I offer caregivers hope through the scriptures, songs and quotes in my book. I desire that they see the value of their labor of love.”

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